Friday, July 26, 2013

Principessa di Pordenone

According to one of the missionary moms,  Milan Mission received 27 new missionaries this week. What a challenge for President Dibbs on his first transfer as a new mission president!  Paige is staying in Pordenone with the same sisters.  Here is some of what she said in her emails to us:

To Dad:

 I miss you too! Is it bad I want it to be Christmas already? (When we can Skype with her.)
So your predictions were right!!  After reading Kait's email  ( last week we went out and got kinder eggs and I thought for sure I was leaving and Sorella Pearce got a flying dragon... but we are all staying! 

I've been suupperrr emotional this week but it's fine. I don't know, it's just this thing I do now.. get emotional.  Missions are hard! and people just don't get what I'm trying to say!  That's probably because I say things in broken Italian, but I get a third chance here in PD to make everything right! so that's cool.. 

Today a beetle flew on my face while I was riding my bike and I thought i was going to die. I was so scared. 

Also I think you would like "olio di peperoncino" I think thats what its called--it's super yummy.  I bet Mom could find it for you on Amazon or something. look for it!  you're welcome(: 

Also I'm glad I don't have to carry a film camera; you were right. 

I love you!!!!!!!!! wow I miss you & keep up the great work.. seriously. 

Your'e in my prayers always

To Mom:

Hi!  I miss you and sometimes (always) want to call you and tell you how I am doing. THIS WEEK WAS HARD. & I cried and it was embarrassing.  All I could say was, "I just miss my mom, that's all." 

But I'm not getting transferred!  It was weird because we didn't actually get a call.  It was like mid-day yesterday when Sister Pearce made a call.  She had to do some digging, but we are ALL staying here in Pordenone for another transfer!  

President didn't really change much in the Italy Milan Mission this transfer.  Our entire district is staying the same (not mad) but we are adding another companionship of elders!  So today we went to Burger King to celebrate & that's where I saw the news of the bambino royale.  Stoked on it.  

Do I want to know his name so badly? yes. 
Do I probably have to wait a REALLY long time to find out? yes. (the sacrifices I make...) 

Am I dying to know what my birthday present is? yes.
Can I wait? no, just tell me.

Now that I'm thinking about it, I'm not sure I know how to put music on here so its probs best you do it.. I can figure out the conference talks though.  But that would be such a blessing.  (Can you put Justin Beiber's Silent Night?) and all the others you see fit.  Just as long as they bring in the spirit.. use your best judgment (I trust it). 

Things I need/want: (I asked her what she wants in her birthday package.)
Can you run into lululemon and grab me crops? I need some for biking under my skirts&dresses. I could do black or I can handle a cute pattern or color. (matching isn't a thing in Italy) 
Healthy snacks from Trader Joes (I MISS TRADER JOES)  
Just like ANYTHING you would think a missionary would want I probably want (I'm okay on peanut butter though. Americans don't disappoint) 
Just DONT SEND me junk food. I literally can't do it, and if you send it I'll eat it. 
Make sure you put in lots of pictures!
AND A JUMPROPE & popcorn seasoning.
But you have to send it probs within the next week. 

Literally Weston is SO BIG! & I respect the top knot in church! (I actually think it's MORE respectful than having it long and scragly in your face for sacrament) Keep it & Rock it, Bubba. 

MOM, YOUR HAIR LOOKS SO GOOD. don't cut it.  I know you're thinking about it... but don't!

Also, you're really good at writing me emails hahah you always say exactly what I need to hear ahahha 

I wish we were in the same time zone and you could chit chat with me. I miss you & i think about you ALOT. but not in a distracting way

(Emails Sent:  July 24, 2013)

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Transfers this Week

brain freeze
We can't even begin to guess what's going to happen with transfers.  It's a weird situation because three have us have been in Pordenone for two transfers, but Sorella Astel has been with her simps for two, 
Sorella Pearce has been with hers for two, and I'm the black sheep who has been with each set for one.

My District!
Chess with the Members

Sorella Astel and I want another transfer together so we can hit six months and my birthday together. But you just can't try to guess or you'll have a brain freeze. 

meeting the president
We met President Dibbs and his wife Thursday!  They are awesome.  In my interview, he was asking me questions and I was telling him about my life.  When I told him I liked art, he told me I would do well in Florence.  FINGERS CROSSED.  Lots of leather goods there, hahah.   Also, I'm sure the work would go well too...
President and Sister Dibbs

"dying" (but sad) to go home
So much has happened this week, but at the moment I can't remember anything!  We had to say goodbye to our beloved senior couple today)= the Jacobs are "dying," I mean, going home to America.  
Paige and Sister Jacobs

We helped them clean up their house, and then they took us up to the Alps at the ski resort and we had a picnic!  It was great!  Also, we went with them to get their last gelato.  It was very sad. 

Picnic in the Italian Alps (with a Goose) - the most beautiful place I have ever been to

double dare
You asked if we really made Sorella Pearce lick a bug zapper.  That is the truth.  She's fine.  Such a trooper.  

Today we bet her a gelato she couldn't catch a goose.  We lost.  She claims to be quite the duck catcher back home. 

In the meeting with President, he said that we will have ipad minis within the year!  Also, there are some other cool things I wrote down, but don't have my notes at the moment. 

OH I am sending you home a letter with the story of one of our investigators.. It's super crazy, but I don't like talking about who I'm teaching over the internet.  I don't know, feels weird.  

sweet somethings
So I was saying my prayers at night, and I was just talking with my Heavenly Father about sweet nothings.  Then when I was blessing Kaitlin, like I do every night, I realized she was probably saying her prayers too! because we're on the same time schedule!  I don't know; I had never thought of that before... 
Sorelle O'Connor

Another tender mercy this week was that someone gave us a ton of old Liahonas in Italian and the first one I opened had a Rose Dall painting in it, so I cut it out and put it in my study room.  So I have one now too, Mom.  

But I would really appreciate if you were to get a "mini " sized picture of the one you have and laminate it (like my patriarchal blessing), and I can put in my scriptures. that would be awesommmeeee. 
"About His Father's Business" (Boy Christ in the Temple) by Rose Datoc Dall

I love my email time! 

I looked at my blog because you told me not to, but you're doing so good!

Sister Jacobs was telling me the royal baby is due this week.  WHERE HAS TIME GONE? 

Also I got a little teary over the cute picture of Bekah next to my picture at the missionary map. 

Scott is seriously so tall. gross! 
Paige's 13-year-old brother has passed us all up

Also can you send me a usb... maybe two.  Our dvd player in the apartment has a spot where I can connect one, so I was thinking of having one with conference talks etc. and one with church music.  It would be cool cause then I could download talks and play them in church for our investigators as well.
I dont know what else to say... I love you all and miss you all. 


(Email Sent - July 17, 2013)

Sunday, July 14, 2013

New Apartment - New President

Happy Fourth!  

So we went on the base and Sorella Jacobs (senior couple wife) who leaves in two weeks (sad) took us to Taco Bell and then for milk shakes.  I was kind of "on one" as Mom would say hahah.  

I sang God Bless America, American the Beautiful, Star Spangled Banner, & Yankee Doodle. All the classics. It also goes without saying it was required to wear red white and blue. 
Sorelle Pearce and Hunter with Sorella Jacobs in their patriotic gear

out with the old
Then we moved!  It was crazy.  Our new apartment is so beautiful.  But EVERYTHING in our old apartment had to be taken to the dump because it was so gross.  I spent the day smashing desks, tables, & chairs etc.  It was fun and also a little hard.  

in with the new
Then we spent to rest of the day helping put together new desks tables, & chairs.  

If I don't learn anything more on my mission, at least I will know that I can assemble chairs from IKEA the fastest. 
new kitchen

the pompelo is to die for here

Church History is pretty cool (Did I ever think those words would come out of my mouth?  I'm gonna go with "No.")  But history in general is pretty cool. Italians are obsessed with it. -- Probs because everyone's house is older than America.  (Paige's sister, Kelsey, is going to Nauvoo, IL on a Church History Edition of EFY)

I finally wrote Dylan Johnson.  He was a little...shocked I'm a missionary hahah.   Also he wants me to get him ties.  I told him I would if there was any room in my suitcase after all the shoes I'm going to buy. (We both know the probability of there being room in my suitcase is pretty low.)  But overall he is doing well!  Love that kid.

Sorella O'Connor
serves in Italy

Elder John Dunn and Elder Dylan Johnson  
serve in Peru 
Paige, Dylan, Katelyn - Dance Festival (circa '08?)

Paige and John - neighbors (circa '97?)

Okay, a Justin Beiber song came on in the Taco Bell on the Fourth of July annnd I listened a little bit. oops. il pentimento e per tutti right?  ("there is repentance for all")

We haven't met our mission president yet, but we do tomorrow!  They are going to bring us mail too! Don't try and guess what I'm most excited for;  you'll be disappointed. 

I just really hope Pres. likes me and keeps me with Sorella Astel another transfer, because then we'll have spent six months of our mission together & also my birthday! (August 29th)  hollllla 

I had a dream Mom was best friends with Sister Hunter's mom.  Sister Hunter and I compare mom notes and they are on the same level. hahahahahaha

playing dead
Oh so I started doing this new thing (missionaries are so weird).  I've acquired a new quirk where whenever someone brings out another food course or it's just too hot or I get 6 new spider bites that night... I pretend to cut all my main arteries and die and then someone has to come close my eyes. 

(The making someone close my eyes part isn't all that new--I did that before the mission.) But the members think it's HILARIOUS!  Sister Pearce, on the other hand, well.... hahahah

(This is Paige pre-mission practicing her "movie dead face."
I believe this scene is from Hunger Games after she eats Nightlock)

But the work is going really well! 

Love you long time & ciao for now, 

Sorella Paige O'Connor

P.S.  OH also all our sweet little members went to the temple last week in Switzerland and put our names on the prayer roll!  cute, huh? They're the best.

(Email Sent - July 10, 2013)

Monday, July 8, 2013


To Dad:

It's actually going very well missionary work wise!  We had the best numbers in our district this week, but numbers aren't important, hahaha...but if they were... we would win.  

The language is coming really fast which is good.  Our grammer is poco a poco but people understand us.  Also we teach a lot of Africans, so they speak very simple English and Twi (dialect from Ghana). 

We watched the broadcast!  It was AWESOME (ha I'm such a missionary).  But seriously. 

Heck yeah, the members are supposed to do ALL the finding!  That way 19-year-old girls don't have to wander through parks where Romanian men try to kidnap me, hahaaa, I mean them.  

Seriously I will be such a good tweeting missionary; I'm sure of it.  We'll see how long it takes for the good stuff to get over to Italia!  But seriously, we are stoked on it. 

Do missionary work.  You will be blessed per eternita! 

Awww Dad I love ya. keep up the good work! ciao ciao baci baci

To Mom:

We haven't heard from our new mission president yet, but we are moving Friday!  I'm so excited because we will be in centro (downtown) and closer to church, sono grata.  But that also means I have to paaackkk so that stinks.

Paige in CA 2012

Tomorrow is Fourth of July and I'm going back to my homeland:

the American base.

close enough right? but seriously I'm going to have Hot Cheetos and not feel bad about it.  probs even a root beer and a cheese burger! (the things you miss about America).  Seriously America is great.

referrals or setups?
But this week was funny.  We got so many referrals!  But they turned out to be dates, so that was awkward.  We got a call from a random guy, and because we don't understand Italian we just set up an appointment with him (obviously right?).  

But then when we got to centro, he took us to the bar (not the same as an American bar) and he ordered us sparkilng water.  He said, 

"Yeah the family you talked to in the park gave me your phone number and told me you were pretty!"

 But we taught him a lesson and he turned out to be Muslim, so there's thaattt.  

Then one of our simps brought her cousin to a lesson to meet us, and it was weird.  I'm pretty sure it's the language barrier, haha, I don't even know!   

Also Sorella Astel and I both got our first marriage proposal!  hated it.  literally it was awful. hahahah but I'm over it.  

That's why the broadcast talks about the members doing the finding and the missionaries doing the teaching! It's seriously the best way.

green card
Sorella Astel and I had to sit through a five-hour culture class this week, and we get to go back tmrw for an hour and a half more (Happy Fourth of July) but after that we can get our permesso! (green card) hollllaaaaa

So I got this bug bite.. and I'm pretty sure it's eating my leg off, but that's normal right?

Our bikes broke.

Well someone just slashed our tires. mean huh?!  So we are back on foot until I can find a bike shop!

So last Wednesday our English class threw us a surprise party!  I was so confused.  We were in church waiting for everyone to come when a lady ran in frantically and was like,

 "You have to get in my car! " 

So we did, obviously, because we are missionaries, and she took us to a pizzaria where our whole English class and half the Italian ward were waiting for us and made us eat a lot of pizza!  Then they gave us lots of presents. 

But when I say presents, I mean food.  Literally they gave us 6,000 grams of pasta, nutella, pizza dough, ragu, mozzarella, Nesquick.  Seriously so much stuff and these cool pens.  I don't know.  I'm still confused as to why.

Ew, I had the grossest meal yesterday. I still feel nauseous thinking about it.  ONE of the appetizers was a stuffed tomato with baby shrimp and fry sauce. literally I can't do it. ahah anyways.

meanwhile...back at home
ALSO, an exerpt from my email from Marielle last week: 

"This week Joe went to answer the door and I hear 'Babe, Paige's people are here!' So we let them come in and I made them pray for you. It was nice because I know you're out there doing similar things."  cool huh?!

Paige and Marielle Jan. 2013

Also one of the young adults got called to Scotland this week! and he leaves on the 25th!  That's where Wyatt Clement got called to, right?  They should be friends.
Elder Clement

Hey Mom, you're great. I got mad love for ya.

I'll see you soon then (too soon to start saying that?)
anyways, xox sorella p oconnor

(Email Sent - July 3, 2013)

Baptism and Bug Zappers

Pordenone is good!  I cannot confirm or deny the fact that I bought a nightgown at the market this morning and am wearing it out in public with a cardi and belt.  

I also cannot confirm or deny the fact that Sorella Astel is wearing a matching nightgown with a different color cardi and belt hahaha.  To each their own, right?

We are alive and well!  We are working really hard and learning a lot.  We really have no other choice.

I think Sister Pearce is warming up to the fact that she is living with three 19-year-old girls, hahaha.  We bet her eight scoops of gelato she wouldn't LICK the electric bug zapper we have in our apartment one day at lunch, and she did it!

Literally she is the SMARTEST woman I have ever met, but in that moment of her life.. I'm not so sure.  Everyone always says sorelle and anziani have completely different missions, but I'm not so sure about that either.

Good luck on your hike, Mom!  My hands swelled up super bad yesterday from walking a lot with my hands down-- idk super strano (strange).   Keep your hands over your head when you walk (and make sure Kiefer takes a picture of that, ha).

My dear friend got baptized on Friday, and it was the most beautiful thing!  It didn't really count as "my"  baptism in the eyes of the mission because I'm in the other copia (companionship) now. (It's so hard but also great watching your friends progress without you).  But I am glad I was able to teach her; 

As for me, she is my convert and I love her.

We move into our new apartment next week and I am way excited TWO BATHROOMS, yippy.  

We also get new mission presidents next week, which is gonna be crazy.  I will miss the Wolfgramms!

We haven't seen the broadcast yet, but we want to so bad!!  We are hoping to see it Sunday.  (I'm praying it will be in English.)

Literally I love the pictures of Natalie in the nightgown cause I'm rocking the same thang. 

Sister Nelson in Riverside, CA

xoxo gossip girl. oops, I mean, Sorella O'Connor

(Email Sent:  June 26, 2013)