Thursday, December 12, 2013


I accidentally fell asleep in my skirt. THAT HAS NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE. I hated it & I hate that I didn't realize it until I had woken up. not ok.

The capi have this golden family who was a referral from Salt Lake and they brought their two daughters (6&7) to church on Sunday. They are so cute.  

The littlest one was copying the speakers' hand gestures the whole time and I had to keep from cracking up. (It's cute because Italians use their hands.. always..and alot when they speak.) It was a good day. 

Meet Andrea Torriti.  We get along. 
I started bringing snacks to church and sneaking them to him so he'll be my friend. >=)

Then we had the baptism that night with minor dramas but in the end all was well.  


We went over to their house last night and Sorella Cruz was telling me all about how she found you guys on Facebook and how well Mom speaks Spanish.  She was trying to show me but I was trying to keep from getting homesick, hahah. 

It hasn't been too cold this week so I'm happy (=

We had our last district meeting with Sorella Pearce and Anziano Memmott. 
I made them "dying" presents with a picture from Pordenone where we all look awful & and a Tylenol PM for the plane ride home.  Sorella Pearce has no self mastery, so she used hers already. hahah 

Today we are going back to the cemetery to kill Sorella Pearce off properly & get ice cream and walk around the prettiest parts of Genova.  I'm happy about it. 

The only really exciting thing is that it's starting to look like Christmas with lights all over the place and such. 

The really life changing things are happening next week, so I'm just trying to mentally prepare hahah.
We have our Christmas conference on Monday when I finally get my package, then Pearce and Memms head out Wednesday.  

That's gonna suck.  I've literally spent my entire mission so far with them piu meno one transfer.  

Ode to Sorella Pearce:

Sorella Pearce:  Here are a few classic Youtube videos to entertain and inspire now that you don't have me around:

I'm sorry I suck this email.  Nothing out of the usual happened.  Besides I had the WEIRDEST dream with Mom in it, hahahahah, but I don't wanna talk about it. 

sharing recipes
Also talk to Sorella Cruz in Spanish, Mom.. she likes it.  Tell her to give you the recipe for the green banana soup.  sounds bad, but it's not. 

smoke alarm
Also I sent Carla a very vague recipe for Italian hot chocolate.. sorry about that.  Tell her if it starts to smoke.. that means it's working.. don't be afraid.. and keep mixing... I probably forgot to say you have to mix it while its heating up.. I'm really sorry hahah 

But we have this member who keeps teaching us how to make really good hot drinks!  I'm excited to show Marielle when I get home.. she's gonna like them. >=)

xx Sorella Paige O'Connor

(Email Sent - December 11, 2013)

Bonus Letter that came in the mail:

Buon Natale & Merry Christmas!  I received my package and I loved it.  I may or may not have cried (happy tears).  I can tell that Christmas is going to be so fun.  They are putting up Christmas lights outside the apartment right now.  

Also everyone loves Mary and the pass along cards for Christmas have her and Baby Jesus on them. 

Also Mary is apparently the "queen" of Genova haha IDK.  There is a story on it but I can't translate it properly.  Like seriously Genova, you're sooo Italian.  

I hope you like this card!  I know how much you like advent calendars.  Sorella Pearce bought me an advent calendar and it was endearing because she's my "mission mom" but that's something my "birth mom" always did for me!  

She also made me a Christmas study plan to go along with each day because we're sister missionaries. Sorry I'm not including a gospel study plan with this advent letter... it is just alot of Luke and John if you're wondering.

Let's talk about how cute "white Christmases" are on Hallmark but how cold they are in real life?  Come mai?  

Sorella Carlock and I are going to sing Christmas songs on the Metro and when it stops, we are going to drop 1,000,000 Gioisca Il Mondo cards on the ground and walk out.  I'm excited about it.  Kaitlin loves park and bus finding, but it's just not my fav... I prefer people coming to me, ya know?

I'll just close this letter with a solid testimony on my love for you and I would also like to express gratitude for being so good at what you do.  You're better than you think you are!  "You are stronger than you realize." President Uchtdorf

Well Mom, I better get back to my Father's business.  I'll see you soon then. - Paige Ryan

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Treat Yo'self!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 

This week in Genova was so cold, but sunny, so that's a step in the right direction.  So many things happened this week!

i'm not dead yet
On Sunday there was a missionary who had just "died" and his parents picked him up and attended our ward. So I got to translate for his mom. 

(Editor:  When I first read this, I wasn't quite awake and there were no quotes around "died," and I panicked for a minute and thought that a missionary had actually died and that the parents had come to pick up his body or something.  I had to read it a couple of times before I realized she meant that he had finished his mission.)  

not lost in translation
It was fun translating for someone who has no knowledge of Italian (sometimes I forget some people don't understand even a little bit of it). So i just got to make things up!  Not really, but kind of... There really is no point of translating word for word in Relief Society.  It's just like, 

"She's now complaining about how her husband doesn't let her put up the Christmas lights three months in advance."  
"Now that lady is yelling at the other one because she doesn't want to sing that song at the Christmas party."  

"That one is complaining about how Christmas is always sad because she is divorced."  

Italians are dramatic and haughty, but I like them. 

blue boy 
We had an activity in church this week where people bring their "junk" and sell it then give the money to charity.  I bought another pair of slippers for 1 euro and, get this, you'll die.... Chanel nail polish (like legit) called... "Blue Boy" & it's cute! for.... .50 cents!  

I was trying to explain to the anziani that it was essential because it's called "Blue Boy" & that's my favorite painting at the Huntington Gardens. saiii???? 

trading post
Also we had district meeting with our new district leader.  District meeting has kind of become a trading post... Everyone brings all the food we got from members that week that we don't want. 

 (Usually it's just the sisters handing over food we don't want to the elders.)  But we had cake and persimmons this week. 

wicked genova
Also we've been informed that although this was the first city in which Lorenzo Snow came in Italy (when he dedicated it to missionary work), it's been discovered that he quickly left because the people were so wicked.. )= sad. hahahah  But I love Genova!  

great news
We have a baptism this Sunday.  We are excited for it!  It's my first baptism as senior companion, so if anything gets jacked up it's my fault.. no pressure!

best news
BUT!  Best news of the email:   because it's a new transfer and because I live with the Sister Training Leaders and because they have to go to mission council at the beginning of each month... 

I found out from them who found out from Anziano Edwards who told Sister Pearce that..... 
Sara (you know my new convert from Pordenone) has her MISSION PAPERS FILLED OUT!!!!!!  whhhaaattttttt??!!! 

Sara with the Pordenone sorelle

I know!!  She's just waiting on the doctors to sign off because she has a bum knee.  I'm so happy for her & want to hug and kiss her.  crazy right?!  She's so awesome.  

Also I got Nat's blogs!  She's so cool & I love her. 
New Rule:  for every one of her blogs I get you have to put some sort of note in it from you! capish?

christmas is coming
And for Christmas I have no clue what we're doing..  There are six missionaries in our ward and it's a rule we can't do things together like dinners and family nights.. So we have to find 3 families who can house the poor missionaries all day.. I'll figure it out. 

The Kardashian Kristmas Kard..... I weirdly like it.. This year Kylie is my favorite which NEVER happens.  I also like Kourtney.  Where are Scott & Lamar? please tell me they're still a part of the family..

The Thanksgiving foto of W&M -  I'm dying. they. are. so. cute.  Weston is so bigg!!!!!!! I hate it. )=

popcorn feast
For Thanksgiving all of us just made our favorite food and shared.  I made popcorn because that's what I'm best at and I like it and it's the easiest.   

Everyone else made something fancy... #oops

high school problems
Sister Pearce and Anziano Memmott leave so soon & I feel like I'm going through high school again where you make friends with all the seniors when you're a sophomore, then they all leave and you're lonely for the last half of high school.  I'm sad about it, but it's fine.. I'll just make friends with the other kids. 

I always print out Kaitlin's email and read it at home.  Last week when she said she read my email out loud because she thought it was funny... I got alarmed. I'm pretty sure I was sad that week? #imnotfunnyjustpathetic

Also I'm making a list of movies for Sorella Pearce to see when she gets home.. She's never seen "About a Boy"? who is she?

Also they are putting up a big Christmas tree in centro and it's so cute here!  It's just cold and I hate my life for that. 

ballet lessons
Also we started teaching a real life ballerina. like she's real.  She danced at "La Scala" in Milano and she goes to the theatre and everything.  I'm obsessed with her. SHE'S A REAL BALLERINA!

not my first day
About my back:  I know how to do the whole "Sorry I only have this copy.  Give me your address and phone number and we'll get one to you" trick.. That's why I have 5 Books of Mormon in my bag. ALL return appointments. 

Not my first day on the job. My back will be fine.  

xx Pajina

(Email Sent - December 4, 2013)

Friday, November 29, 2013

Holidays in .....


We are all staying put and happy about it.  No one in our entire ZONE got transferred--except out district leader and he just took Anziano Walsh's spot in La Spezia.  It's literally the closest he could have gone hahahah.  

The only other news I have about transfers is that Sorella Hunter (whom i miss dearly) got transferred to Siena with Sorella McCann in the same ward with Anziano Gneiting.. I'm a little green (with envy), but I'll survive.  I miss them all.

I got the Christmas stocking package and the Ensigns.  I already ate all the Bass Pro Shop candy because it wasn't wrapped, so I told myself that means I could eat it right away.  I also didn't share.

And the Ensigns were literally so perfect.  I just grabbed them out of the mailbox and stuck them in my bag and went out, because I knew what they were.   When I got home I put one on each of the sisters' desks and waited... 

Sister Durfee was in shock hahahaha.  She kept repeating, "What is this? WHAT IS THIS?!  Sorella, WHERE did you get that..? What is this?"  

Sister Pearce was like, "This. is better. than Christmas.

and Sorella Carlock just said, "thank you."  But she's from the East Coast, so her reserve is understandable. 

Also I gave Sorella Carlock the other stocking, obviously.  But then I got scared because I realized that maybe we weren't staying together and I might have to ask for it back.  But I got to avoid all awkward conversations because, indeed, we are staying together. 

on strike
So this week the bus strike went until SATURDAY NIGHT. literally the worst. like, THE WORST. 

You'd think we could just stay in and be warm, take naps and it would be so fun.  But it's just not how we work, ya know? So it was a lot of area book and sanity walks around the block.  

BUT we did see some fruits:  We called this lady in the area book and she let us come over & she's so sweet.  (I cannot confirm or deny the fact that she asked us to move in with her by the end of our lesson.) 

She's half French/half Italian (my fav combo), and she's an artist and she has all these paintings in her flat.  So I was looking around and she had a portrait of herself painted in the living room.  She started going off on how she had this famous Italian artist paint it and handed me a book of his paintings to go through.  (They were all nudes, so I just skimmed through and said they were "nice.")  

But then I was thinking.. I wonder if Rose Dall does portraits.. family pictures? hahaha.   Also she lived in London for 10 years, so she speaks English in the cutest British/Italian accent (so cute, the Antonella).

Also we teach English to this tiny lady, and I made her watch the bible videos in English so she could translate with her Italian bible.. but selfishly they were mostly for me.. i just like them.  (Although I'm not sure how I feel about Jesus having a British accent..)

beggars cant be choosers.

Tell grandma "hi" for me!

I'm sorry to hear our sweet friends are facing difficult challenges week.  Just know that I'm thinking and praying for all of you.  And although I'm kind of far.. my thoughts & prayers of comfort and love are always with you. ok?  I'll see you all soon. 

These talks have been useful to me.. maybe for you too?

"Filled with His love, we can endure pain, quell fear, forgive freely, avoid contention, renew strength, and bless and help others.

God’s love fills the immensity of space; therefore, there is no shortage of love in the universe, only in our willingness to do what is needed to feel it. To do this, Jesus explained we must 'love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, … soul, … strength, and … mind; and thy neighbor as thyself' (Luke 10:27)."

(Email Sent - November 27, 2013)

Happy Birthday to Us!

Today is 8 months for me and 17 months for Sister Pearce! We're doing nothing to celebrate. hahaha

This week was COLD! Like so cold and beach house windy. and it rained. a lot. 

That's fine, I'm starting to just learn how to not feel.  But people were mean to us yesterday, so our souls are a little bruised.  But it's okay; we will survive. 

striking out
There is a strike on the buses that no one knew about ahead of time that is apparently going to last for the next 3 DAYS..which means angry bus drivers with noisemakers yelling down our street at 4:00 in the morning. 

All seven of our appointments cancelled because either we couldn't get to them or they couldn't get to us.  So now we have to take a train to our area and have to stay out there all day, not being able to come back for lunch. in the rain and wind. and just trying to talk to people.. all day.. on your feet. 

I dare say it was a little rough. You know those stories about the missionaries out in the cold all day but they still decide to knock on one more door or talk to that last person who ends up listening and that person and their entire family is baptized three weeks later?  That wasn't us. 


your way
It's Week Five in the transfer which means SENIOR COMPANION WEEK!  It's my first time being the junior companion for senior companion week, and it's a lot harder than I thought it would be.  

The argument Mom makes about how it's easier to just clean it herself because it takes the kids twice as long and but she has to teach them how comes to mind.. I just want to do everything by myself.  

I've come to realize that I actually have a way of doing things that I like, you know?  It's okay. I'm learning patience (with myself, ha). 

Also Sister Pearce in her second city stopped and talked to an Albanian man on the street.  Now he and his wife and two children are baptized.  Not all Albanians are terrorists, Mom.  But I will be careful.  (She is talking about the two sister missionaries that were assaulted in Kosovo - I just told her to make sure to only talk to the nice Albanians.) 

We had a zone conference Monday about the mission conference, and it was so good.  Anziano Walsh (one of the many British elders) gave his "dying" testimony and it was so sweet.  He cried and said, "I'm so thankful for the opportunity I have had to serve my God." in his sweet British accent and I just thought it was a beautiful placement of words. 

home but not homesick
I'm literally obsessed with all the baby pictures you send... How is it possible to have that much love for a baby through a picture? I don't know.  It's like they're one of my own blood or something. 

You saw Natalie!!! She looks so good! (so do you Mom).  I miss her.  (Natalie is a former roommate of Kaitlin's and friend of Paige's who is serving in our mission

Elle sent me videos of her blinking & the puppy and I may or may not have cried and watched them 10 times. I miss her.  We're having similar weeks this week.  You're a good mom, Mom, for taking her out for me. 

I was thinking about Hallmark Christmas movies this week when we were outside and how much I miss them.  But I'm not homesick. 

personal shopper
Today we are going shopping for Sister Pearce because she has less than one month till she gets on a plane, and she's not risking me getting transferred to go shopping with her. hahah.  This may or may not be my third "dying" sister shopping trip.  

It makes me a little homesick, but I guess I'll sacrifice myself.  (I also need to buy her something pretty.) I saw something at Zara for 24 euro. Do I have enough in my account? hope so.

Also because I'm a missionary in Italy, I am obligated to buy you all Christmas presents with your money (Mom & Dad).  Sorry, but I already picked everything out. 

(I'm most excited for Dad's present--IT'S A SURPRISE) I'll tell you right now it's not a tie, because I know you like to pick out your own ties. Don't worry, it's good.  But I'm going to need around 30 euro. just let me. 

I'll just get Scott and Kelsey something from the Chinese market; they dont have to know.. 

Can you help me out there?

Also I still need rain boots. 

& I'm wearing a french hat like Kaitlin's that I borrowed from Sorella Carlock today.  Kait's right, they are quite warm & classy. I might need to pick myself up one. 

do as i'm doing
P.S. about my back, I've been laying on the ground with a blanket.  Everything else I will not do, so it's fine.  

Something Sister Pearce taught me in my first transfer Week Five is, 
"I will not ask you to do anything I wouldn't do myself."  

So I've been pulling that back on her this week when she tries to take my satchel away.  Because SHE had back problems and wouldn't let anyone help her! hahaha  

Also I forgot, we did an exchange together this week! OCONNOR & PEARCE back in black. (We wear all black a lot; it's slimming)  It was so fun.

xx Pajina

Also, expect my Christmas card.  Be excited about it. 

Seriously, I'm doing okay & I love you & I'll talk to you soon. 

(Email Sent - November 20, 2013)

Friday, November 15, 2013


So I was picturing my homecoming last night, as I usually do when I'm on the bus returning to the flat the night before pday.  And in my head I was like, 

"What am I gonna wear?"  "What's Mom gonna wear?" "I bet she's already bought something new.

 And then the thought came into my mind, I can't be positive, but I'm pretty sure it was the Holy Ghost telling me, "Sorella O'Connor, obvi everyone is going to wear jumpsuits.

EVERYONE is going to wear jumpsuits. even Scott and especially Dad.  It will be like Khloe Kardashian's wedding reception, but better.   

Does she mean this?

(I think she means "tracksuits"  like matching pants and hoodies -  not one piece zip-ups, only slightly less alarming. haha)

or this?

I told that to Sorella Carlock & she just thinks I'm psycho, but I know in my heart it's a good idea. 

Your welcome Mom.  Now you don't have to worry about it. 

baby, baby, baby oh
So many beautiful things to talk about this week!  The Bergquist bambine being the first.  I'm literally so happy. like so so happy. Marleigh Jannee is perfect. and I like the baby bows for Dev and Di's newbie. 

back 2 back
(We sent her a list of things she needs to do to relieve her back pain/injury.  I suspected she wouldn't follow the advice, so I also sent an email to Sorella Pearce to enforce the rules...  we'll see... )

I've been doing that thing for my back where you lay down and put your feet in the air, but the ground is too cold (stone).  So I did it in my bed today and it doesn't really have the same effect and I fell back asleep (need to find a new solution).  

Also I have a hot water bottle which helps.  

I lol'd when Dad told me to not carry the satchel around (it's against the rules to wear a backpack now, and yesterday we gave our 3 Books of Mormon in Italian 1 in English and 1 in Albanian.)  The satchel is a must.  

And as representatives of Jesus Christ we also get to give up our seats on the bus, which leaves hours and hours of standing (a certain conversation comes to mind between Dad and me while we were at the BMW dealership that one of the main factors to choosing the 750 was that the x5 "beats him up" on days of long traveling.)  I get it now.  

I also got 4 letters this week! Two from Natalie's blog, one from Kaitlin and one from Dylan Johnson in Peru.  That night we sat around the table and cried about Dylan's 4 baptisms that Saturday and Natalie's car. hahaha, oh the Americas.. wouldn't it be nice? hahah

standard of excellence
This week we had a conference with Anziano Teixeira,  and it was awesome.  Our "standard of excellence" in the Italy Milan Mission is 15 lessons a week.. meaning that's an average of what all the missionaries are getting.. some get 5-7 others get around 17-19 and he came in and told us to get 21 lessons this week.  

(Elder and Sister Teixeira with the assistants and Pres. and Sister Dibbs)

So were trying realllly hard but it's also reaalllllyyyy hard & we're not eating (btw I lost 3 kilos this week!) (= 

Monday I was feeling kind of low about all the pressures of being a missionary and our expectations as missionaries and the reality of where we were at & just like Mom said in her email this week, "I have been wanting the comfort and calming spirit of the Lord more in my heart.," meee tooooo.  

So I asked Anziano Memmott for a blessing (my first one since being a missionary.  I didn't want to be that sister missionary.. but I knew he knew that I'm not that sister missionary).  

Anyway, it was so beautiful and there were all sorts of sweet somethings he said that I'll never forget (I had Sister Pearce sit in and write it down).  But he said that He is blessing me & my family back home in ways that I can't comprehend right now.. cute right?  This is just a friendly reminder to count your many blessings. and it's fine.

Also Sister Pearce has gone mad. hahah anndd she hurt her back too (back in Pordenone) so thanks for sending that email to her too.. (She's too stubborn to call the mission mom for advice.) 

Anyway, Zoe is super hott in her wedding pictures and I think her hair is really pretty.  Tell Marielle that I love her at lunch & give her permission to go through my things and take whatever she wants to Hawaii with her. just bring them back. 

Keep up the great work family, 
With love from Genova, 

xx Sorella Pajina

ALSO at the conference I saw Sorella Astel and Anziano Miller!  It was the best.  Sorella Astel got robbed at knife point in Torino (lost her wallet and passport).   I'm slightly alarmed but not losing sleep over it. 
Paige and Sorella Astel at the mission conference

Here are some pictures from Sorella Carlock:


study area



 (Email Sent: November 13, 2013)

Friday, November 8, 2013

Wise as a Serpent, Calm as a Dove

IT'S SO COLD. but I'm trying to stay calm everyone. Don't worry about me. although we don't have a heater.. I did buy myself a pair of new closed toe slippers (and I'm not sorry Mom and Dad) 

The first thing I would like to address is the new Bergquist baby.  She is so beautiful!  The picture with Brittany and Weston at the hospital.. stop it. 

baby fever
I have baby fever this week. Ask the other sister missionaries, the mothers on the bus/metro/train, or our bishop and his wife.  It's embarrassing.  

Also one of our members had a baby this week!!!  On Sunday too! and we went over on Tuesday to help with some things around the house.. and poor Paula was home all alone with this brand new baby girl because her husband was out at the store.. long story short: I feel really guilty because she basically DROPPED the three-day-old baby into my arms. 

(What am I gonna do, put it on the ground? nope.. I held it.)  I feel bad for breaking a mission rule, but it also felt so gooooood.  I needed a baby hug. & I liked it.  So I was thinking about the Bergquists this week.

I'm literally obsessed with all the pictures you sent this week, Mom.  Everyone is so beautiful and American.  Italians don't really get Halloween.  It's sad really.  Sister Carlock made some sort of spiced drink and that's really all we did. 

don't be alarmed
Also not to alarm you, (I realize that's not a good way to start a sentence) but I'm fine now... it's just when I return we might need to look into some medical attention for my back, but don't stress it's fine.  I just don't want to be the missionary that comes home with a fake back injury ya know? 

Also we don't have Thanksgiving here (obvi), so that means the next holiday is Christmas! not that I'm countinggg. 

hump day!
Happy Hump Day Kaitlin!  I even wrote it down in my planner so I could remember!  That's a pretty big deal!  Time flies when you're having fun diciamo. 

Nothing really eventful happened this week other than we got a new fridge!  We can buy milk this week for speza and everything!  Also the poor anziani had to carry it up 6 flights of stairs hahahahah

Can we talk about how all my clothes are getting those little pellets on then and starting to become transparent? whhhyyyy does that happen? 

Happy Birthday Kelsey!  How old are Kelsey and Chad now? 15? 

That's so cool Kelsey has a friend meeting with the missionaries at our house!

referral received and contacted 
which became an investigator
after having taught a lesson in the home 
in the presence of members..

you don't beat that.

 m e m b e r p r e s e n t l e s s o n s 

on the conversion scale she's like a 100

DAD!  I'm sorry about your pulled muscle in your rib cage! how did that happen? I TOLD you not to work too hard. take it easy. drink a diet coke, get a pedicure, and listen to some James Taylor. & write me a solid handwritten let.

& Momm, when is your painting coming?  Did you cut your hair? I saw the picture of you and Kelsey at senior night.. you look so good. seriously thats not a lie. & on the plane to Wisconsin read a book. or you could write me a letter either one works. 

Also go through the car wash and listen to Bon Iver by yourself. works every time and cures anything.

It's so cold she can't keep her eyes open

Can't think of anything else besides the fact that it's really cold.  Like so cold you have a headache when wake up in the morning and when you walk outside. 

But don't worry about me; I inherited a hot water bottle from an old missionary. not quite a heated blanket or my Dyson. but enough. hahaha

I love being a missionary and I'm not homesick,

xx Paige

(Email Sent - November 6, 2013)

My Life Right Now

To Paige's Mom:

I told you dad would be mad!!  (about adding money to her account for rain boots- and he wasn't mad... she's just working him.) I knew it!  

I haven't bought rain boots yet, but I bought fleece-lined Italian tights and 5 euro cashmere blend socks and a scarf and thermal last week!  stoked on it.  still need boots.  I think I'll survive without gloves.. and also I want to buy a hat/beenie and a rain liner so the Burberry coat stays beautiful (=   

Sometimes I mix up euros with dollars and forget it's not the same

I love my new companion.  She's cool. 
I wrote down some #sistercarlocksays but I forgot them..  

I got the Pureology shampoo you sent and you don't have to tell Dad, but it really does make a difference.  I come home and it brings light into my life.  

Also because we had daylight savings (not as cool as everyone says it is -- I' m  s t i l l  t i r e d) but it gets dark at like 4 so that's why I say it brings light into my life.

we don't have a heater
or a fridge
or a toilet seat

over here in Via Cantore we are just having a blast!!
No, but really, we are staying postive.

Also I really really really really miss my Dyson heat+cool bladeless fan.  (Paige loves that thing.  She used to take it to work with her and even packed it in her suitcase when we flew to Utah last Feb.) 

HALLOWEEN & BABIES!  We went to an appointment the other day and we found ourselves in a baby Halloween party (don't ask) but it was so cute.. Italians trying to be spooky hahaha

NONNA HAS TO COME FOR CHRISTMAS.. also Marielle. I miss her.

Nonna is turning 80? Does she want anything "Italian" for her birthday?  I'm not the best at presents.

Also Sorella Carlock and Pearce have the flu and Sorella Carlock burned her arm with steam from the "soup" we tried to make hahahah.  We could really go for some recipes..

Paige wrapped it up

We couldn't even put frozen peas on her burn because our fridge & freezer are broken.. but shes a trooopppeerrrr
Also I had the best pizza of my life this week(= Italy isn't so bad

Kaitlin is an STL? missed that one hahah way to go 

I have got to see JEAN in her Halloween costume.  I'm gonna guess clown.

The videos of the Bergquist boys worked keep them coming. sooooooo cuteeee

Also the fattest man I have EVER seen "fell" diciamo.. on me on the bus this week. with his dog. It was a hard day haha

and I'm learning Napolitano (dialect from Napoli-- think mafia) 

BROWN HYMNS i just found the song you sent that starts with "Brown Hymn Book" and I think it's so funny I listen to it every morning.  Also Justin Bieber singing "Silent Night" when Sorella Carlock is in the shower. 

I love you.  Sorry I sucked at writing an email this week.  I forgot the paper I write funny things down on to remind myself to tell you. 

I love being a missionary! 

Also Sorella Pearce's finger is a lot better.. now were just worried about Sorella Carlock's arm and me catching the flu.  Also the no fridge situation<3

Christmas is on the brain over here.  And I've been thinking about Bella's hair coming off the plane from the mission... how did she do it? and now there is no excuse for the way I look. 

As far as missionary work goes.. we are doing really well!  We have a COUPLE of member referrals we are working with (the member referrals verses the people we find are night and day.. progress so much faster and stronger).  I love Genova & my companion & the investigators & new converts & members. 

We can do hard things! 

To Paige's Dad:

Your week sounded so fun!  I wore my BYU shirt mom sent me Friday and Saturday because I wasn't sure what day the game was hahah I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S BASKETBALL SEASON!! whhaatttt? when did that happen? 

Can we talk about how all the apostles' female grandchildren are getting called to Italy? not a coincidence.. Holland, Cook, and I'm pretty sure Scott had a daughter come here. and O'Connor. 

(Mike met Elder Cook and his granddaughter at the BYU football game.  She had just received her call to Italy Rome Mission so they were excited to hear all about it.) 

Mom said you hated me for spending money & I'm sorry.  I'll be better.. I'll try.  Sometimes you just need those fleece-lined stockings ya know?  I won't buy the gloves it's ok.. I'm fine.. We just don't have heat in our apartment.  Don't worry about me. 

Also an interesting fact about Genova: it's humid! so my clothes don't dry. ever.  I'm excited to take you guys back here >=) 

How's basketball doing? You HAVE to dress up for the ward halloween contest.


I also was thinking this week how you're gonna have to take me on a fly fishing tour when I get home. I miss it.  (That's a good looking fish? Did you take a guide?)

xx your fav, Sorella P O'Connor

(Email Sent - October 30, 2013)